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Insure Oklahoma Program

Also known as O-EPIC is an Oklahoma-based program designed to assist with premium payments for qualified individuals. The Insure Oklahoma program

for employers is not health insurance itself, but works in conjunction with a "qualified health plan", by paying a portion of the insurance premiums for qualified employees. For employees who qualify for Insure Oklahoma; Insure Oklahoma Pays: 60% of the health insurance premium for the employee 85% for spouses who qualify The employer pays: 25% of the employees' only premium The employee pays: 15% of the premium (the actual payment is based on their income and could be less than 15%) In order to take advantage of this program, a business must meet the following qualifications: » Be Located in Oklahoma » Have 250 or fewer full time employees » Offer a "Qualified Health Plan" » The employer must contribute at least 25% of the premiums for those employees who qualify for and enroll in the plan (no employer premium required for spouses who qualify and enroll in the program). There are currently 3 insurance companies that offer health insurance plans to the general public which qualify for the Insure Oklahoma program. Any employee who is eligible for your group health plan is eligible to apply for the Insure Oklahoma program. To qualify for the premium reimbursement the employee must: » Be an Oklahoma resident & meet the citizenship guidelines » Be between the ages of 19 and 64 » Be ineligible for Medicaid or Medicare » Have a total gross household income within the guidelines The Insure Oklahoma program may also pay a portion of the premium for qualified children. To learn more about the Insure Oklahoma program including the income guidelines and the "quick check" visit the Insure Oklahoma web site by clicking the link below. Insure Oklahoma

Learn how Oklahoma Employee Benefits & Insurance, LLC can assist your company with finding a qualified health plan and assist with the Insure Oklahoma application process...

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