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Employee Benefit Plans

Your Employee Benefit & Insurance Partner

We Are Fiercely Independent

Being an Independent Insurance Agency allows us to present you with the "best in class" solutions & products.

We work to make selecting, implementing and managing the benefits and insurance side of your business or professional practice as easy and worry-free as possible.

Types Of Plans

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Group Insurance Plans






Long-Term Care

Voluntary Benefits (accident, critical illness, 24x7 virtual doctor visits, and more)

How We Serve You

We work to make selecting, implementing and managing the benefits and insurance side of your business or practice as easy and worry-free as possible.


Our services are designed to customize an employee benefit plan to meet your unique needs, and assist you with the management of the plan once set up.

  • Commissions
    Our firm earns commissions from the insurance carriers when we place or renew policies. These commissions are typically a percentage of the premium, a per-insured fee, or another negotiated rate. The commission amount varies based on the insurance product and company chosen by the client. It is included in your premium payment to the insurance carrier. For small groups with under 50 employees, the commission is typically a fixed, non-negotiable amount set by the carrier.
  • Fees
    On occasion, our firm may impose a service fee instead of or alongside the commissions received from the insurer. If we enter into a fee-based agreement with our clients, the details will be outlined in a written service or consulting agreement. This document will specify the services provided, the timeframe, and the fee amount.
  • Contingent Commissions
    Some of the insurers we work with may offer contingent commissions, which are not linked to a specific employer. Unlike the standard commissions mentioned earlier, these contingent commissions can be influenced by various factors, including the volume of business with the insurer, policy retention, and other criteria established by the insurer. These contingent commissions are not directly incorporated into the premium you pay. While our firm may receive these contingent commissions, it's important to note that we do not accept gifts, complimentary trips, or other incentives that insurance carriers sometimes offer to encourage agents to place business with them
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